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BIGTONE 2×12″ BB cream tolex NEW


BIGTONE 2×12″ BB cream tolex NEW


2×12’' BB

Lightweight open back 2×12″ speaker cabinet. Big tridimensional sound on a small and lightweight package. Can handle both the 50W or the 22W heads easily, depending on the selected speakers.

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BIGTONE Custom Amplification head, speaker and combo cabs are made with a mix of lightweight ply and baltic birch ply to get the best sound results and low weight, with hand made 1/4” finger joints, with leather or recessed metal handles for easy transportation.

Speaker cabs can be loaded with customers choice from Celestion G12M-65 Creamback, G12H-75 Creamback, V30, G12H30 and G12M Greenback at no extra cost (consult availability and pricing for other speaker options such a Scumback Speakers, G12-65, Alnico Blue, etc…).

Dimensions: 71’5(W)x55(H)x23(D)cm. Height includes rubber feet and handle.
Typical weight: 16’5kg (depending on the speaker).