Mission Gemini 1-P


Mission Gemini 1-P


Gemini 2-P is a 500W full range stereo passive speaker cabinet for use with tube and solid state power amplifiers, modeling guitar amplifiers, and Digital Audio Work stations.

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Gemini 2-P is a passive full range monitor with the appearance and build quality of a traditional guitar speaker cab. Internally the Gemini 2-P features two 12″ low frequency drivers, two titanium high frequency drivers, and passive crossovers designed to work in stereo when used with compatible modelers and cabinet simulators.

Unlike the active Geminis, the passive Geminis have no internal power amplifiers, giving you the flexibility to use your own external power amps. Gemini 2-P requires an external amplifier with at least two channels in the 10W-100W per channel range for tube amps, and solid state amplifiers in the 50W-250W per channel range.