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Mission Gemini-P Wedge USB GM1-MWU, NEW


Mission Gemini-P Wedge USB GM1-MWU, NEW


Gemini-P Wedge is a 250W full range passive version of our popular active Gemini Monitor Wedge for use with external power amplifiers.

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Gemini-P Wedge is a passive full range monitor with the appearance and build quality of a traditional guitar speaker cab in a stage friendly monitor format.

Internally the Gemini-P Wedge features a 12″ low frequency driver, titanium high frequency driver, and passive crossover designed to provide a suitable frequency response for modelers and cabinet simulators.

Unlike the active Geminis, the passive Geminis have no internal power amplifiers, giving you the flexibility to use your own external power amps.

This monitor will work well with most tube amplifiers in the 10W-100W range, and solid state amplifiers in the 50W-300W range, Gemini-P Wedge is ideal for use with internally powered modelers such as the Kemper Power Head and Power Rack.