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Z-vex fuzzolo and channel 2 in stock

Z-vex fuzzolo and channel 2 in stock


this silicon fuzz has a rich subby ripping texture with aggressive midrange and plenty of volume. Your Fuzzolo has two knobs, one controlling Volume and the other controlling Pulse Width, which sweeps between square wave and a

narrow/wide pulse shape. Connect a music equipment power supply of 9VDC, center negative, to the power jack for use. There is no battery in your Fuzzolo. For use with Bass or active pickups, open the unit’s bottom lid and move the black jumper from P to A. For use with Guitar or passive pickups on quieter instruments, make sure the jumper is on P. The “P” appears backwards on the circuit board. We don’t know why.

Your Fuzzolo has a 1 year warranty. Please register your purchase with repairs@zvex.com and contact us there if you have any trouble. Your Fuzzolo draws less than 10mA. 

The Channel 2 

The Zvex Super Hard-On needs no introduction. Since going into production nearly 15 years ago, Zvex estimates that they’ve sold more than 10,000 “Crackle Okay” boosts worldwide. The Channel 2 is the newest iteration of the classic circuit and is essentially the master volume side of the Super Duper 2-in-1 — only in a pedalboard-friendly micro enclosure. 


The beauty of the SHO design comes from the input impedance — a whopping 5 million ohms. For the nontechnical, what that means is that turning on the Channel 2 will add what Zvex calls “sparkle” to the top end of your signal. And it’s that little bit of extra magic that makes this design a real winner. It’s not obnoxious or overstated, but it will bring your sound to life in a way that you might not have heard before.


With the master volume cranked, the Channel 2 is exactly the same as the classic Super Hard-On circuit. But if you turn that down and increase the gain, you’ll get a tasty amount of clear, natural sounding overdrive that’s great for cheating a little more gain out of your already-overdriven amp or stacking with other drives for a little extra oomph.


Concerns: [None.]

 The Channel 2 sounds great, looks great and is built solidly. Moreover, it features a master volume control and still beats many of its competitors on price. We have no complaints here. None at all.  

 as with all SHO variants though, it’s important to remember that as you turn the gain knob, you’ll hear a bit of “crackle” — and that’s okay. That control adjusts the DC bias and the noise is normal.



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