MI audio cross over drive

MI audio cross over drive

The MI Effects Cross Over Drive is a limited edition FET based Overdrive pedal that has a lifelike amp response to touch and some awesome verging on fuzz tones in extreme settings! You get rich, chunky overdrive that’s very sensitive to playing dynamics and volume control movement.

Back off the tone, up the gain and focus on your playing dynamics and Eric Johnson style tones are all over the Cross Over Drive, or go all out for super tight but chunky fuzz with tons of well defined bottom end. All the time knowing that you can clean the sound right up with either a light touch or backing off the volume control!

Well if it sounds so good why are they limiting it we hear you ask! Well FET transistors are incredibly sought after because they produce such dynamic amp like tones and that high demand has caused a shortage of parts! As such MI Audio will only be making 250 worldwide! But hey at least it means when your friends ask you how they can get your incredible overdrive/fuzz tones you can tell them earnestly that they simply can’t!

price  ;  185.00 euro  

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