SUPER LEAD PLEXI is an open sounding Overdrive/Distortion pedal.

It differs from other similar overdrives because of a wider dynamic range: picking soft or picking hard will actually yield a more natural and wider range of distortion, without too much compression, common of traditional diode-clipped overdrives.

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SUPER LEAD PLEXI creates complex overtones without changing the inherent sound characteristic of whatever amp and guitar you’re playing through.

SUPER LEAD PLEXI accomplishes its tube-like distortion through the unusual combination of overdriving its JFET opamp, and no hard-clipping diodes later on in the circuit. Because of the large amount of available output volume, SUPER LEAD PLEXI works great as a booster in front of amps. It gives you the feeling that your amp is cranked at even living room volume.

SUPER LEAD PLEXI is designed around a Class-A wired JFET and an innovative power supply that doubles internally the 9Vdc supply. These solutions combine high dynamic and rich overtones. The input works nicely with all types of pickups, isolating the input from everything coming before the SUPER LEAD PLEXI in your signal chain, and giving the pedal more touch-sensitivity than any other pedal with transistor input buffer.

Buffered output completely isolates the the pedal from the influence of everything following
it in the signal chain and allows much more sustain, even at low distortion settings.