Sexycomp 76

Sexycomp 76


Sexycomp76 takes inspiration from the most legendary studio optical compressor. It’s a compressor that brings out the sound of various styles: arpeggio, funky, blues, rock etc.

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Result of the evolution of the “OPTIVALVE” project, SEXYCOMP76 offers two important additional features: an unprecedented mix (balance) compressor/limiter and more compact dimensions. Maintaining a traditional all-analogue electronics we certainly didn’t miss the best components ever. It’s a real studio machine that can be used for guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, hammond, or as a real recording studio unit. Sexycomp76 integrates the compressor and limiter functions with a particular control that chooses the percentage of mix. This allows you to control a greater threshold of clean sound as if the amplifier used, miraculously, generates greater volume performance and an incredible sound tone.