Revival drive compact

Revival drive compact


The RevivalDRIVE Compact condenses the groundbreaking circuit design of the original dual-channel RevivalDRIVE into a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly package. Equipped with a streamlined set of wide-ranging controls, this new pedal promises to make the RevivalDRIVE’s awesome array of amp-like tones more accessible – and affordable – than ever before.

Launched in 2018 to universal acclaim, the RevivalDRIVE houses a complete valve amp-style signal path recreated in analogue electronics, with comprehensive controls that let you explore a wealth of different amp characteristics.

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We designed the RevivalDRIVE to be as flexible as possible,” says Origin Effects founder Simon Keats. “The response we’ve had from players has been phenomenal, but we also know that not everyone wants to deal with that many knobs and switches! With the RevivalDRIVE Compact, we set out to design a pedal with the same sophisticated circuitry on the inside, but a simplified set of controls on the outside that would make it quick and easy to dial in a really great sound.”

In addition to the same amp-style circuit topology, the new RevivalDRIVE Compact features several controls lifted directly from the full-sized RevivalDRIVE. These include the Lows control, which lets you overdrive or tighten up the low end, and the More/Presence control, which varies negative feedback around the pedal’s power amp stage, changing the level of touch-sensitivity from Plexi, through to Fender, and VOX style amps. The Blend knob, which mixes the dry and overdriven signals together, has been tweaked to provide more musical results by gently reducing gain as you add in the guitar’s natural tone, while the brand-new Highs knob condenses the original RevivalDRIVE’s multiple preamp voicing modes into a single, continuous control.

The RevivalDRIVE Compact also features a simplified yet powerful Post-Drive EQ section, designed to tailor the output of the pedal to suit the voicing of the amp you’re plugging into, as well as flat-response power amps, mixers and recording interfaces.