R-4000 style ( RIC basses )

R-4000 style ( RIC basses )


The R-4000 Style Bass Pickups for Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 series basses provides a major improvement over stock and even most replacement pickups. Like all JBE pickups, these pickups solve the most common problem of noise and hum that plagues RIC™ bassists and often relegates this iconic instrument as an often unused “prize” within the arsenals of many RIC™ bass enthusiasts. The R4000 Style pickups are so quiet you may even question if they are on, allowing you to take your RIC™ bass out of your arsenal and play it on more gigs and recording sessions, without fear of nois

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But the benefits do not stop with noise-free and hum-free performance. Other major benefits include:

– Retention of the classic RIC™ vibe and tone.
– An expanded tonal palate that allows this iconic instrument to be used for a broader variety of musical styles.
– Powerful operation with a highly articulate response and feel that that lifts your RIC™ out of the mix.
– Compliment to the original character of your RIC™ bass by allowing reuse of RIC™ pickup hardware for drop in installation without modification to your RIC™.
– Simple 2-wire installation.
– Above all, the R4000s are JBE pickups renowned for their high fidelity sound and performance.

Wiring diagrams and mounting hardware are provided to facilitate installation. RIC chrome pickup covers are not included nor provided. The R4000s fit in your existing RIC bass pickup covers, or you can purchase covers from a RIC dealer.

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RIC™ and Rickenbacker® are trademarks of Rickenbacker Int’l Corp.

Shown mounted in your pickup cover. Pickup cover not included.