Pre-T-301 set nickel aged

Pre-T-301 set nickel aged


Pre-T-301 MXV Humbucker Guitar Pickup Specs.:
Neck 7.5K , Bridge 7.6K Available in Short A2/A5 and long A4 magnet configurations.
ThroBak Pre-T-301 Pre T Top reprocution guitar pickups.
The ThroBak Pre-T-301 humbucker pickups reproduces the toneful vintage transition humbucker, the Pre-T-Top. Known as Pre-T pickups these elusive pickups appeared for a short period in the mid to late 60’s and bridge the gap between PAF’s and the T-Top. Just like the vintage patent number Pre-T, the ThroBak Pre-T-301 set has the same butyrate bobbins, baseplates and metal parts as late PAF spec. pat# pickups. The ThroBak Pre-T-301 is also wound with same red poly wire and the winding pitch as the rarest late Pre-T era patent number pickups

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How do they Sound?
In a word, Incredible! The tonal pay-off of this combination is humbucker pickups that are at once articulate and treble detailed while being lush in the low end. Combined that with an attack that can go from sweet and spanky to mean and juicy, simply by changing pick dynamics, and you have an amazingly versatile set of humbucker pickups. Think of the best mid to late 60’s ES-335 and SG tones… this is the tonally territory that opens up to the player with the ThroBak Pre-T-301 MXV set.
Vintage Metero pickup winder.
Meteor ME-301 Wound
Sparing no expense in the quest for absolute accuracy, ThroBak located a vintage Meteor ME-301 winder and restored the machine’s wire guides, tensioning and traverse to the configuration of the original Kalamazoo era Meteor ME-301 winders. We contacted former Kalamazoo plant employees, scoured historical records to gather detailed vintage photos in order to pull off the daunting, but crucial task of recreating the vintage ME-301 winder as they where in the old Kalamazoo plant. Changes made to the traverse and fixtures following the Kalamazoo move meant that crucial lost vintage details to wire guides and tension had to be accurately reproduced to meet the ThroBak Maximum Vintage standard. But we are proud to say we did it! Accuracy in these details combined with the unique winding pattern that is the signature of the ME-301 mean we can turn back the clock and offer unsurpassed vintage Pre-T accuracy with the ThroBak Pre-T-301 (Pre-T) pickup set.

Tailored Magnet Configurations
The Pre-T-301 humbucker pickups come standard with USA made short A2 neck and short A5 bridge configuration common to many vintage golden era short magnet pickups. This combination balances out neck and bridge tones with otherwise closely matched neck and bridge pickups. But being a transition pickup, vintage Pre-T pickups also sometimes came with long magnets. So for those wanting to explore all the tonal possibilities of the Pre-T-301 set, customers can also order long A4 magnets fr