POMPEII T1 , Tube Sonic Echo

POMPEII T1 , Tube Sonic Echo


POMPEII T1 is an echo effect created to recive the 3rd and 4th head filters of the sonority of POMPEII PE603. Totally re engineered to make it more suitable for today’s needs. Is designed with a full tube pre-amplifier and equipped with a new compact and elegant chassis.It offers a different way of conceiving echo effects. A lot of time was spent developing the best tube pre-amp, feedback and tone circuits; as a result, the interaction between the feedback and the tone controls can create the most beautiful sounds carpet.

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Like POMPEII PE603 puts you immediately at ease following your touch like a shadow. The repetitions come very naturally by rolling out unique musical carpets. The tone control linked to the echo/rep section allows to control the repetitions frequencies ranging from high to low. The old age modulation control, colors the sound in tune with the chosen delay making it special in arpeggios.