Holy Grit

Holy Grit



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The circuit is based on the classic Fuzz Face/Tone Bender but heavily tweaked into something else. We’re using a set of matched low gain silicon transistors here (parts numbers may differ from one unit to another), voiced between germanium warmth and silicon presence.


FUZZ… well, you know. Level of distortion. Set low for boosting overdriven amps or dirt pedals and work your way up to see how far you can go.

LEVEL, as expected, controls the output volume. Plenty of volume on tap, even with the Fuzz knob set to minimum.

BASS is a pregain control so more bass = more fuzz. Play with it and you’ll find the perfect balance between tight/precise and bold/buzzy.

TREBLE rolls off highs post gain at variable frequencies.

BIAS TOGGLE selects one of three bias settings (individually set for each pedal):
– UP = high headroom setting, least amount of fuzz and compression, tight and precise

– MIDDLE = the „almost too low“ bias – dirty, buzzy, can get into velcro fuzz territory… fun!
– DOWN = „the golden middle“

UP = buffered mode. Don’t worry about the placement in your signal chain, just activate the HG’s special buffer and you’re set. Gives a little extra edge and presence in the mix compared to
DOWN = unbuffered mode. If you prefer the classic way, just connect your guitar straight to the HG without the buffer. Slightly darker, more resonant tone, better cleanup with the guitar volume.