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ER-Custom, nickel aged, A5,short, wax potted

ER-Custom, nickel aged, A5,short, wax potted


ER-Custom MXV P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickup specs.:
​Neck 7.9K , Bridge 8.3K, Short A5 magnets.
The ER-Custom name is a nod to well know Austin Texas luthier and repairman Ed Reynolds and his help with developing this special set of vintage PAF humbucker pickups

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d was on a search for a set of humbucker pickups that met the needs of one of his well known clients. The result of this collaboration with Ed is a full sounding, punchy, mid dominant vintage PAF pickup repro with a pleasing high end. ER-Custom MXV pickups sound great in solid body LP style and semi-hollow ES-335 style guitars. The ER-Custom MXV set is a popular upgrade option for Collings electric guitars. ER-Custom humbucker pickups are wound on the ThroBak vintage Leesona-102 to complete the Maximum Vintage specs.. Made in USA.

Maximum Vintage Patent Applied For Set Specs. MADE IN USA • Vintage PAF clone Butyrate bobbins tooled and molded in the USA to vintage specs.. • Coils wound on vintage Leesona 102 winder for unsurpassed vintage winding accuracy. • PAF repro baseplates tooled and stamped in the USA for ThroBak. • 50's PAF repro covers stamped in USA and Nickel plated (with no Copper) at the same Kalamazoo shop that plated vintage PAF covers. • Pole screws with vintage alloys cloned from 50's vintage PAF screws with cold form die tooled for ThroBak. Made in USA. • Slugs with vintage alloys cut with a vintage Brown and Sharpe automatic screw machine for correct vintage look. Made in USA. • Vintage Spec. Plain Enamel 42AWG magnet wire made with vintage coating and processes. Made in USA. • Alnico magnets custom cast in the USA with vintage formulations. • Vintage correct braided wire. Made in USA.