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HB, DW102B dick wagner, set, nickel aged

HB, DW102B dick wagner, set, nickel aged


DW-102B P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickup Specs.:
Neck 8.3K (long A5 Unoriented), Bridge 9.2K (short A5)
ThroBak Electronics is proud to have worked with the legendary Dick Wagner to create his signature PAF humbucker repro set. Dick was so pleased with these pickups that he ordered them for his main 1968 Les Paul and backup guitars. We continue to offer these pickups as a tribute to the late, great Maestro of rock guitar, Dick Wagner.

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The Dick Wagner Custom Set pairs a 9.2k , short A5 bridge pickup with a 8.3k, long unoriented A5 (Indiana made), neck pickup. This combination delivers a powerful bridge tone, with the girth and punch that a hot vintage PAF humbucker is known for. The perfectly balanced 8.3k neck PAF pickup repro assures clarity, bloom and ample power for neck position soloing. The DW-102B set is wound on the ThroBak vintage 1957 Leesona-102B to complete the Maximum Vintage PAF humbucker repro specs. of this amazing set. Made in USA.
Known to fans and friends as “The Maestro of Rock,” DICK WAGNER’S songs and lead guitar have been featured on more than 350 renowned albums, garnering more than 35 Platinum and Gold records, BMI songwriter awards and numerous prestigious international awards. The Detroit area native helped define an era in rock history by playing lead guitar and writing songs for Alice Cooper, KISS, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, The Frost, Peter Gabriel, Meat Loaf, Guns N’ Roses, Ringo Starr, Ursa Major, Tina Turner, Air Supply, Hall & Oates, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Burton Cummings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lita Ford, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, and many more!
Legendary for his groundbreaking collaborations with Alice Cooper, Wagner was Alice’s musical director, co-writer, and lead guitarist on the majority of the icon’s top selling singles and albums, including such songs as Only Women Bleed, You and Me, I Never Cry, and Welcome to My Nightmare. Together, Cooper and Wagner co-wrote the majority of Alice Cooper’s top selling singles and albums, including more than 50 songs, featured on over 60 Alice Cooper albums worldwide.