Dual Cab Celestion V30

Dual Cab Celestion V30


2*12 cab load with Jensen brunetti custom speaker or celestion V30 

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Dual-Cab and Mini-Cab have been realized following the needs of those players who have to move from place to place, so they have a low weight and an high power. They are completely hand-made assembled.

  • SPEAKERS 2x12" Jensen C12K Custom paper 16 Ohms 100 Watt
  • ACOUSTIC CONFIGURATIONS Half Back Open/Closed with movable rear panel
  • ELECTRIC CONFIGURATIONS Mono 8 Ohms - 200 Watt Stereo 16 Ohms - 100 Watt/channel
  • DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT 45x76,5x35,5 cm. / 24 Kg


optional with celestion Vintage  30 speakers