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Cali 76 compact bass , super vintage blue

Cali 76 compact bass , super vintage blue


Compressor effect pedal for bass, analog Class A circuit, high-pass filter in side-chain, dry control, gain reduction display

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Analog bass compressor in pedal format
With the Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass Special Edition Super Vintage Blue, the English effects manufacturer sends an 1176-style compressor in compact pedal form into the race, which is specifically tailored to the needs of the electric Bass. Based on a fully analog and discrete FET circuit, the compact effect pedal accordingly convinces with an incredible sound quality at the highest studio level and a fast response. While the combined attack and release control provides harmonic settings of the compressor’s onset and decay time over its entire control range, the HPF control located in the side-chain selects the frequency ranges processed by the compression. In addition to the ratio control for determining the compression ratio, the blend pot is also available for mixing the dry signal. Last but not least, the large jewel light in the center of the pedal acts as a handy gain reduction indicator: While red glow indicates compressor inactivity, the color change to Orange signals its work, with brighter glow indicating stronger compression.

Analog Bass Compressor with Class A Circuit and Blue Finish
Compressor effect pedal for electric bass, made in England.
Blue Finish in the style of Origin Effects BassRIG Super Vintage
Fully analog, discrete Class-A signal path
FET transistors for fast response
Combined attack and release control
Ratio control for determining the compression ratio
High-pass filter in the side-chain to determine the compression in the low frequencies
Dry control for mixing the dry signal
“Jewel” light acts as gain reduction indicator (red = no compression, orange = compression)
Silent switching
“Signal conditioning bypass
Sturdy metal housing
Operates with optional power supply (9 volts to 18 volts DC, Center negatives)