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HB, Spirit of 59, set, nickel

HB, Spirit of 59, set, nickel

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The ultimate in old PAF replication…This is the best pickup when it comes to getting the real, laet 50-s PAF sound. The “Spirit of 59” comes with technically aged AlNiCo V magnets and these aged magnets make the sound even more transparent and crispy and the attack is even faster than on any other pickup. However, the output level is slightly lower compared to the other humbuckers. The neck pickup is bluesy (similar to the Classic Rock) but has a deeper voicing; the bridge pickup comes with smooth hights and a great dynamic response – especially nice when volume and gain of the amp are up a little. In my humble opnion Wolfgang makes one of the best lines of pickups available today! His vintage strat and 58-59 Burst style Humbuckers are seen as the best available vintage replacement pups at the moment