ABM 3255C

ABM 3255C

The classical hardtail replacement of modernity

The new ABM 3255 shows as replacement a Vintage correct combination of a chrome base plate and nickel-plated steel saddles. It creates with your 3mm base plate a solid tone with a lot of “Twang” by the vibration joyous steel saddles. The bridge has of course a “String-Thru” action.

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The saddles come from our new Tremolo 5050 and were “invisible” significantly improved. About the whole saddle height the flanks have a thread, which holds the height adjustment screw securely. Gone are the days that accidental resonance of screws led to adjusting intonation and rider height.

The elaborate groove in the strings throughs of the base plate is the string side management and reduces the string tearing significantly. Through the lateral strings guidance we were able to use tab-springs with moderate tension, so that the saddles are less damped. In addition, the riders have with each other on an easy game in order to not interfere with the different height settings. The unfolding of the sound is thus still well supported.

Since the wide vintage Spacing is bad playable on current standard necks (the outer strings come to far to the edge), we opted for a string spacing of 53mm (best of both worlds).

This applies especially to older instruments whose neck has become significantly narrower already by mounting new frets and the refering fret-job like sanding the neck flanks etc.

String spacing: 53mm, material base: Bell Brass, material saddles: Cold Rolled Steel

Finishes: Chrome / Nickel (chrome base plate with nickel plated saddles).

Scope of supply: Bridge, Allen key, mounting bolts and protector box