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’63 MXV strat pickups heavy aged white

’63 MXV strat pickups heavy aged white

ThroBak '63 MXV Maximum Vintage Stratocaster pickups reproduce the distinctive bite and punch of '62/'63 era vintage Fender Strat pickups wound with heavy build Formvar wire. As with our PAF replicas, ThroBak has researched every detail of the vintage originals with the goal of making the best reproduction '63 era Strat pickups available. Details like USA made reproduction A5 Alnico magnets, ThroBak made bobbin flatwork, Heavy Formvar wire and Nylon covers molded with ThroBak's own tooling right here in the USA, assure that the tone and cosmetics are true to vintage.



Choose Vintage right handed pole stagger or Vintage left handed pole stagger. You may also choose our Vintage inductance flat poles option when you click the Shop Now button. If you want to mix and match your set just type what you need in the special instruction box when you click the Shop Now button.

Every set also comes with ThroBak Vintage Repro Covers. Choose Parchment, Aged White and Heavily Aged White from the drop down menu.399

Vintage formulation, USA made, Alnico 5 rod magnets copied from vintage '63/'64 Stratocaster pickup magnets. • Coils wound on the same model vintage Meteor ME-481A pickup winder used to wind early 60's vintage Fender Statocaster pickups. • Vintage Spec. Heavy Formvar 42AWG magnet wire. Made in USA. • ThroBak exclusive vintage finish Nylon reproduction pickup covers in Aged White, Parchment and Heavily Aged White. Made in USA. • USA made, black vulcanized fiberboard flatwork. • Pole stagger available in standard Vintage right hand stagger or Vintage left hand stagger. • Flat pole option that preserves the vintage inductance profile available at no extra charge. • Vintage stranded cloth covered push back wire with vintage correct un-tinned strands. Made in USA.