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Wonderland overdrive V2, 50/22 watt head

Wonderland overdrive V2, 50/22 watt head


The glorious clean sound of the Wonderland preamp, with a beefy overdrive second channel. Reverb and half power are standard.



After 7 years of building D-Style circuits, no one amp fully hit the mark with cleans and overdrive. The amps would either have great cleans, or a great OD, but rarely both. It was also tough to find a voicing that would work well with a range of guitars. The Wonderland Overdrive mixes two different D-Style amp circuits to create a custom D-Style amp with on-board tube reverb. The amp has a beautiful clean channel with Fender Blackface style tones that are sweet, clear, and articulate. It’s well voiced for strat and tele guitars, adding some mids that helps fill out lower-output pickups. The amp compliments any guitar, so your strat or tele will sound just as good as your Les Paul.

Stacked on top of the clean is a beefy and smooth overdrive with complex harmonics and a nice honky growl. We worked for countless hours to get the overdrive right and it’s obvious the moment you plug in. The amp has all the D-style attributes; endless sustain, controlled feedback, honky mids, bloom and chirp, and fluid touch sensitivity. The amp has quite a few ways to tune your sound, including three EQ boosts (bright, mid, and deep), two-tube reverb, and preamp boost. A two-button footswitch toggles the channels and operates the boost.

The amp is built into a powdercoated aluminum chassis and is available in black or silver with choice of cabinet. Circuit boards are CNC punched and the amp is handwired with high end components including Orange Drop capacitors, F&T electrolytic filters, new production Dale and Koa resistors, and custom taper control pots.

Combos and matching speaker cabinets are available. The amp comes with a heavy duty power cord, two button footswitch, and custom 7-pin locking DIN footswitch cable.

Available in 22, 50 or 100w Two channel clean/overdrive Powered by 6L6 tubes (22w powered by 6V6) 2-tube reverb 4/4/8/16 ohm taps (two 8 ohm cabs = two 4 ohms outs) Half Power Effects Loop Two Button Footswitch and Custom Locking DIN cable Size: 21″ W x 11″ T x 10″ D Weight: 38-46lb