After long and painful research, we are proud to finally come out with what we believe is a true, vocal and vintage-sounding wah pedal !



Featuring :

RED Fasel inductor for pure vintage sound
The best wah-pot in the market !
Carbon-Comp resistors
6-position rotary switch for different frequency sweep range
internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain
mini LED
Optional Seagull effect ! (You engage the effect with the optional toggle switch)
*Useful Tip:
Use your Wahcko+ as a tone-shaping tool. Turn the Wahcko+ on, leave it at the toe-down position and experiment with the 6 different settings of the rotary switch. We bet you can find many interesting tones for your lead or rhythm overdriven parts

“I love the sweep of the Wahcko+, very vocal like and sweet! What a fantastic wah!” Steve Lukather

“The Wahcko+ is fantastic! Now I finally have a great wah-wah pedal !” Bill Frisell

“I absolutely love it ! Beautiful job! Every setting on the switch sounds great and the vocal sweep is perfect. Finally, finally, after all of these years a wah I will actually use and not want to sell or destroy !” Julien Kasper