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VTMP , Vacuum tube Mic preamop


VTMP , Vacuum tube Mic preamop

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The Khan audio VTMP is a full featured all tube microphone preamp and much more. Powered by 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, they are arranged in a classic feedback controlled gain block. Transformer coupled inputs and outputs are standard for full frequency response with minimal noise interference from the outside world. A rugged, high filtered power supply delivers the basis for the device.



The VTMP has a microphone gain range of 35 to 57 dB. The 20dB pad allows use with hot microphones and signal sources without clipping. It can also be used as a balanced line driver accepting nominal +4dB signals at the balanced line input jack. A high impedance instument input is also included with a thru jack for live/di use. A 6 position output pad allows the use of the overload character of the box. With a plethora of input and output configurations, the Khan VTMP can enhance your recording process.