Vintage JTMB

Vintage JTMB



Reproducing the original bell-like tone and warm response of the pure nickel roundwound strings of the 1950’s and 60’s. While retaining a contemporary feel, our “Original Nickel” sets are the ultimate experience for players favoring vintage instruments. Being particularly effective for any single-coil instrument, they are useful for the modern player who wants a warmer tone.

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Eight Reasons Why Haar Guitars Uses Snake Oil Brand Strings Exclusively
(And Why You Should Too).
1). Tone, tone and more TONE. We are referring to those wonderful vintage
tones that you’ll hear on your favorite classic albums (i.e. Jimi
Hendrix, The Who, Rolling Stones, etc., etc.).
2) Snake Oil Brand Strings FEEL absolutely AMAZING to your hands and
fingers. This also means less chances of developing hand and wrist
injuries due to their comfortable design.
3). Unparalleled TOUCH SENSITIVITY. You will get an amazing variety of
sounds and tones from simply changing your finger pressure and picking
velocity. What you put IN will come OUT from your guitar, every time.
4). Unmatched beauty in chordal tones than any other string. Quite simply
stated, this is where the real difficulty lies in making GREAT strings.
Chords will intonate better, sound tighter and be lush and warmer without
any muddiness.
5). The vastly superior metals we use in Snake Oil Brand Strings means
that the strings will resist fret wear better than any other brand…This
is by design and intention. NO CHEAP METALS WILL EVER BE USED HERE!
6). Snake Oil Brand are the LONGEST LASTING strings…..Period. We
re-wrote the book on string longevity!
7). .Snake Oil Brand Strings have MUCH more natural sustain than any
other strings. Far more vibrations from our strings means that your
guitar will sound the way it is supposed to….RIGHT.
8). Snake OIl Brand Strings are the ONLY strings to ever receive Guitar
Player magazine’s “Editor’s Pick Award” (December, 2006).–