Soft overdrive 

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Vanilla is the new soft overdrive by Brunetti. The design derives from the well known Mercury Box and it is characterized by an extremely creamy and soft tones that meets the features of the instrument you are playing and exalts the amp which is connected to!

It is endowed with FET technology to reproduce tube behaviour and dynamics as accurate as possible.
Vanilla has been designed to express itself at its best at not too high distortion levels; it is perfect for blues rythm and warm and well defined rock sound, not indistinct but a fluid and compact one. Controls are smooth and sensitive and, at the same time, effective because they interact perfectly, as in a true tube amp.

Vanilla arises from a careful design and long lasting research carried out by Marco Brunetti, in permanent collaboration with musicians, and the result is a stomp that exalts the touch and the nature of the player!


  • INPUT Impedance = 500KOhm
  • OUTPUT Impedance <= 50KOhm
  • Max out level = 600mV
  • Weight = about 200g / 0,4lbs
  • Dimensions = 100 x 110 x 55 mm
  • Current draw = 14mA
  • Average 9V (200mA/h) battery life = about 14 hours
  • WIMA capacitors, made in Germany
  • Metal-film or carbon-film resistors depending on their functions
  • SH multiwiper potentiometers, aluminium wiper