The TV-HT single coil pickup is designed to fit into a traditional Filter’Tron™ cavity. An improved replica of the vintage HiLo’Tron™ single coil pickup, the TV-HT is designed to produce twangy bass and crisp, high trebles. To make this possible, the TV-HT uses one TV Classic bobbin, but wound with thinner magnet wire.

Large #8 slotted set screws are used for the pole screws. The TV-HT fits into standard Filter’Tron cavities, making it easy to install into newer reissues as well as vintage instruments. If two TV-HT pickups are installed in a guitar, the center position is hum cancelling. The bridge pickup has a wide pole spacing for better sensitivity, and a 3/4″ tall cover for close adjustment. The neck pickup is 5/8 ” tall.

Additional Info: TV-HT’s are single coil pickups. When both are on at the same time, 60 cycle hum is eliminated. In this mode they are 2 single coil pickups wired in parallel. This is not your typical large Humbucker tone. All we have done is eliminate 60 cycle hum. There is no difference in tone when wired standard.

All TV-HT models are available with chrome, nickel, or gold plated covers.

All TV-HT models are wax saturated to help eliminate microphonic feedback. Each pickup comes with mounting screws and complete installation instructions.

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