The Old GeBox

The Old GeBox


The Old GE Box is a very special pedal for us at LAA-CUSTOM because this is derived from the very first pedal Carlo made in the 2004. It was a simple treble boost, the glorious Dallas Rangermaster. Back in that days Carlo doesn’t know anything about guitar pedals but he was lucky enought to find an original Mullard OC44 germanium transistor. That boost was and still is a beautiful pedal, really bad built but with an awesome tone.

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arlo now decide to offer, in a very limited quantity, a clone from the very first pedal he made, but with some cool tweaks and using only NOS components from his collection. So the Old GE Box is still designed around the OC44 germanium transistor, we have only 55 pices that fit our selection with the right values to be used in this circuit. Carlo designed a dual setting boost, each with dedicated EQ and Boost Level. The Boost footswtich is the main On/Off with true bypass and the A/B footswitch, well, should be clear enought :D The Mid and Full setting are different for the two preset, the SetB is usually fuller than SetA.

Use this pedal on an amp at break-up is the best option, and we suggest to use it as first pedal just after the guitar with passive pickups. What is really important is the guitar Volume, use it as was used in the old day. In few words: Use this pedal in the old way: Crunched amp and just guitar volume!!!