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T-’54 MXV Telecaster Pickups aged

T-’54 MXV Telecaster Pickups aged


hroBak T-’54 MXV Telecaster Pickup Set
Bridge 6.6k, Neck 6.8k, available aged or unaged.
• Hand scatter wound.
• Hand beveled USA cast, Illinois A5 rod magnets.
• Mounting screws and latex springs included.
• Lamp black wax potted bridge pickup, twine wrapped.
• ThroBak MXV repro “Donut” topped vulcanized flatwork.
• Plain enamel magnet wire, 42AWG Bridge, 43AWG Neck.
​• Vintage correct untinned, stranded cotton push back wire.
• Chrome plated neck pickup cover.
• Third wire neck pickup option for S1 switch guitars.
• Neck pickup compatible with body or pickguard mounting.
​• Mounting screws and latex springs included.
• Available as a matched pair or single pickups.
• 100% USA Made

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Bridge 6.6k, Neck 6.8k,
ThroBak T-’54 MXV Tele Pickup Tones
The T-’54 MXV 6.6k bridge pickup serves up full, bitey twang with a pleasing high end and a low end that is deep and open. The flat pole bridge pickup features custom USA cast, Illinois made, hand beveled A5 rod magnets with a vulcanized flatwork bobbin assembly that duplicates the “Donut” rings of a vintage Tele pickup. The bridge pickup coils are hand wrapped with cotton twine and wax dipped in lamp black impregnated potting wax, just like a vintage ’54 Tele pickup.

​The T-’54 MXV 6.8k neck pickup is hand scatter wound to to match perfectly with the bridge pickup. The neck pickup is lacquer potted to match the vintage tonal characteristics of the original vintage potting method.