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Steel string sultan , 100 watt, moss suede /fender silver grill

Steel string sultan , 100 watt, moss suede /fender silver grill


The Steel String Sultan is a compact, lower wattage version of our Steel String Singer. The Sultan is a very strong, punchy amp with a lot of attitude. It’s powerful voice is crisp and clear with a strong output that manifests unique qualities to your cleans.

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The single-channel design with 6L6 power section has a hi-fidelity that’s wonderfully musical. Our SSS amps are based off of Dumble SSS #005 which was originally built for Eric Johnson and is one of the more elusive versions of the SSS as few people have the information to build this circuit.

The power section of the Steel String Sultan has a cathode follower that greatly increases output and gives the SSS it’s signature tone. The cathode follower is paramount providing a percussive high output with low levels of distortion. The high levels of headroom Is the perfect compliment to players that use a lot of effect pedals or seeking unprecedented clean tones.

The straightforward and intuitive control layout with three band EQ, tone stack boosts, and a rock/jazz switch make it easy to dial-in a wide range of tonal emphasis. To give even more flexibility there are two six-position tone filters providing even more EQ flexibility.

The amp is built into a powdercoated aluminum chassis. High end components include Orange Drop and NTE capacitors, F&T Electrolytics, Classic Tone and Heyboer transformers. The chassis was engineered with PEM hardware that will never come loose over time.

The amp comes with a heavy duty AC power cord.