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Steel string sultan 100, tabacco suede, head

Steel string sultan 100, tabacco suede, head

The Steel String Sultan is a lower wattage and physically smaller version of our Steel String Singer. The preamp is still based off of SSS #005, but the power amp has 6L6 tubes which lends it's tones closer to SSS #002. We took out the FET and the footswitch to pack this powerhouse into a 19″ chassis. The Sultan is a very strong, punchy amp that is crisp and clean. The 6L6 power section gives a bit of a more ‘guitar amp’ feel, while still capturing many of the hi-fi qualities of the big SSS.



he power section of the Steel String Sultan has a cathode follower driver that greatly increases output and gives the signature SSS tone. When compared to the Wonderland series, the Sultan is crisper, stiffer, cleaner, and less forgiving with a very percussive high output. The SSSultan works very well for pedals,blues, rock, and fusion sounds.

The amp is built into a bare aluminum chassis with faceplates, so more colors are available. All machining and drilling is done by CNC, but all wiring is done by hand. High end components include Orange Drop and NTE capacitors, F&T Electrolytics, new production Dale, Vishay, and Koa resistors.

King Zapata of the Gary Clark Jr band played one of our Steel String Sultans on his 2016 world tour. Many people have considered this amp to be one of the best they have ever played.