Space expander


Space expander


Plug into an alternate reality where modern and postmodern collide. Where giant zeppelins and space travel co-exist in the cyberpunk continuum of a future that once might have been, but never was.

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Space — Changes the reverb or delay time.

Expand — Adjusts the dwell of the Spring mode, the feedback of the Analog mode, or the damping in Plate mode.

Tweak — Tweaks a different parameter in each mode. See the mode descriptions for full details.

Mode Toggle:

Spring — Mimics the splash and ping of the earliest spring reverb tanks. Tweak adjusts the tonal brightness and Space controls the virtual reverb tank size. The Expand knob controls the “dwell,” or input signal level to the reverb tank. Set Space and Expand high for surf tones.

Analog — Technically not a reverb, the Analog mode emulates the classic MN3011 multi-tap bucket brigade echo chip. The MN3011 was noisy and funky, with a metallic character and a pronounced echo-style repeat. We’ve kept the quirks, reduced the noise, and added an adjustable modulation on the Tweak knob to give some cool watery textures.

Plate — A recreation of the bright, mecahnical reverb textures of the 1960s. The Space control adjusts the reverb time and the Expand knob controls the damping of the plate. The Tweak knob controls a pre-delay effect. Try it on acoustic guitar or a clean electric tone.

Bypass Switching:

The SpaceXpander features a buffered bypass with optional “trails.” In Trails mode the reverb will continue to repeat when the pedal is bypassed. To switch between standard bypass and trails, hold the bypass switch while powering on. The LED will blink once for standard bypass or five times for trails. The pedal remembers the last setting.