The Greer Amps Custom Shop SOUL THRUST FUZZ UNIT is an amazing sounding fuzz. This pedal is a two transistor fuzz pedal, utilizing NOS BC107B transistors. The Soul Thrust Fuzz Unit is built on a vintage style tag strip, with amplifier grade components, including 1 watt Carbon Film resistors, full size Bourns pots, and a mix of Panasonic ECQ and Mallory 150 type capacitors. T

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This pedal features Volume and Frequency controls. The Frequency control allows for a wide range of tone. Fuzz is controlled by the guitar’s volume control–want less fuzz? Roll your guitar volume down a bit, and the level of fuzz will decrease! This pedal sounds like a cross between a Germanium FF type fuzz, and a “Bender” type fuzz…mean and aggressive, this thing will kick out the meaty grind you’re looking for!

Hand built on a vintage tag strip Utilizes NOS BC107B transistors Face meets Bender type fuzz tone Dynamic fuzz response Uses 9-Volt battery only Amp grade, full sized components, including 1 watt carbon film resistors, Mallory 150 type capacitors, and Panasonic ECQ capacitors Wide range of tones, via Frequency control Powdercoat colors and stamp patterns may vary, as this is a hand-labeled pedal