Silver Bee Overdrive

Silver Bee Overdrive


The new Silver Bee OD…with the Snarl of a Silvertone and the Spit of a Silverface!

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The Bee family is welcoming a new member… The Silver Bee Overdrive! We love offering a variety of the best amp-like tones and this one is a two-fer… Two of our most used American amps through the years: Silvertones and Silverfaces. These revered amps have unique responses that we are happy to be adding to the Bee range! The Snarl control is a unique EQ control that emulates the grunt and gristle of the old Silvertone amps, while the Spit control is specifically tailored for presenting the almost fuzz-like grind of overdriven Silverface amps. The Silver Bee allows you to mix up your own combination of these two legendary amp-like tones.