Rock Formula, alloy 52, 9-46

Rock Formula, alloy 52, 9-46


Rock Formula

Gauges 09 – 11 – 16 – 26 – 36 – 46

52% Nickel Alloy wound, hex core, producing a tone on the warmer end of the tonal spectrum.

9/10 Hybrid gauge (9-46)

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Our Alloy 52 has a dual function in that this set is fabulous when you want to play jazz-rock fusion styles or heavier rock styles. The Alloy 52 sets are designed for the guitarist who wants maximum output, harmonic response and ultimate flexibility! These strings work well on any single-coil or humbucking equipped instrument. Our specially designed nickel-iron alloy combines several other components for extra long life, durability and low fret wear.

Designed, manufactured, and wound in the United States by AmericanString.