Revival bias tremelo

Revival bias tremelo


The Origin Effects RevivalTREM pedal delivers the coveted BIAS tremolo sound of classic California guitar amps more authentically than any other effects pedal. This is achieved naturally by the fully analogue circuitry , which mimics the sound-determining components of traditional guitar amps in elaborate transistor technology , thus guaranteeing a genuine vintage sound with organic volume modulation. Speed and intensity controls determine the speed and depth of the effect, while Shape and Multi-Switches determine the waveform and rhythm of the modulation. An optional footswitch also allows the speed of the tremolo effect to be set by tap tempo . The Origin Effects RevivalTREM also includes overdrive circuitry for interactive sound shaping. Last but not least, the Post-Drive EQ enables precise adjustment of the Origin Effects RevivalTREM to the guitar amp it is connected to.

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Tremolo FX pedal for electric guitar
Delivers authentic BIAS tremolo sounds and harmonic overdrive
Completely analog circuit with emulations of the sound-determining components of a guitar amplifier
Two waveforms for the tremolo (sine and “full wave”)
Intensity slider determines the depth of the tremolo effect
Speed slider determines the speed of the tremolo effect
Three selectable multipliers for the rhythm of the tremolo effect (1x/quarter, 2x/eighth, 3x/triols)
Drive and tone controls to adjust volume or overdrive, and treble
Post-Drive-EQ to adjust the RevivalTREM to the guitar amp being used
On and Trem foot switches
Connection for optional external footswitch (tap tempo, tremolo on/off)
Metal enclosure
Operation with optionally available power supply unit