R3 Distortion MK2

R3 Distortion MK2

The R3 features 3 clipping voices via the G.A.S. switch

G.A.S. stands for (G)ermanium, (A)symmetrical, and (S)ilicon.

The newly revised R3 offers much wider range than the previous version and you can further explore already vast tonal territories by using your guitar volume knob.



When your guitar volume knob is turned all the way up, the R3 is a beast with edgy, aggressive voice that can cut through any band mix with ease, thanks to its pronounced top end. By turning your guitar volume down to half way you will then get a warm, soft-clipping overdrive-like tone good for classic rock or blues.

With R3’s gain knob set before noon, it offers a ballsy tone like a cranked tube amp. Turning the gain pass 1 o’clock you will start to get saturated distortion for heavy rock. Keep turning the gain up you’ll get long sustaining, super saturated, edgy lead tone with ultra responsive touch.

In all 3 clipping modes and any gain setting you can roll down your guitar volume knob to gain access to different levels of saturation and edginess any time wile retaining a good EQ balance and great string to string separation.

Germanium mode:

Fat, mid heavy, fuzzy tone good for low gain crunch from the 70’s tunes.

Asymmetrical mode:

Tube-like, full-bodied and the most transparent of the 3 modes. You can easily get a ballsy 80’s overdriven tone with all 3 knobs set at noon.

Silicon mode:

Compressed, saturated, tight and bass-heavy. Good for any 90’s riffing or even shredding with incredibly responsive touch.