Mjolnir Overdrive MK IV

Mjolnir Overdrive MK IV


A tweaked version of the modern day classic “Klon Centaur” pedal. The Mjolnir tweaks the clipping so that the units stay consistent and offer a slight boost in clarity / improvement to the overdrive sound of the unit. Apart from the few changes the unit is a fantastic clean boost to overdrive unit that always accents your rig and never takes anything away. The bypass on this pedal is buffered like the original unit so your signal gets a boost in clarity when the unit is off, great for big pedal boards!

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Amazing amount of boost on tap
Treble control to dial in the perfect amount of top-end
Slight improvement to overdrive sound for smooth gain tones
Amazing buffered bypass which brings your chain back to life
Top quality jacks, switch, pots, and components throughout
Quality through hole components
There are two options for the Mjolnir if you purchase directly from MythosPedals.com! The Stock pedal is described as above, the Germanium mod features hand matched Germanium Clipping diodes, Oxblood pointer knobs, and a Red LED. The Germanium mod has a softer clipping that is more compressed with less overall gain, great for more of a booster instead of an overdrive.