Mercury EL34, DEMO, 50 watt

Mercury EL34, DEMO, 50 watt


Handwired tone machine

looking for some  brown sound ?

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MERCURY… metal liquid… elegant and evasive…
These are the words to describe the character of this amp, that gives big emotions… for those people not easy to tame…
The tones are fluid and present, like the water around you… It’s difficult to describe the feeling playing MERCURY.

  • POWER: 50W or 100W
  • CHANNEL: two, completely separated, CH1 and CH2 (footsw)
  • BOOST: on CH2, add gain (footsw)
  • MORE VOLUME: adds pure volume on both channels (footsw)
  • LOOP: 12AT7 buffered transparent structure. Serial / Parallel with adjustable Return level. True bypass (footsw)
  • SWITCHING: Manual / Footswitch (supplied) / Remote
  • TUBES: 5 x 12AX7A / 1 x 12AT7 / 2 x EL34 (4xEL34 in 100W) SVETLANA “C” WINGED Premium Selection
  • DIMENSION / WEIGHT: 640 x 270 x 230 mm / 17 kg
Mercury EL34 Demo Video by Theo