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Magnatron, Neck , Chrome, UV mount

Magnatron, Neck , Chrome, UV mount


Magnatron, Neck , Chrome, UV mount

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Rockabilly twang for the 21st Century.

The TV Jones Magna’Tron blends DeArmond-style twang and single coil spank in a standard Filter’Tron™ footprint.

The Magna’Tron’s special tone is the result of staggered cylinder magnets, using a blend of alnico grades. With the magnets so close to the strings, note attack is extremely quick. The tone is quite aggressive, with exceptional pop and clarity on single-notes. This is perfectly balanced by the full tone inherent in its dual-coil design, which provides hum-cancelling operation as well.

The Magna’Tron bridge model features extra-tall coils overwound with thin magnet wire, which provides a good balance of output and clarity. The matched Magna’Tron neck model uses normal coils and standard wire, resulting in a sweeter tone.

All Magna’Tron models are wax saturated to help eliminate microphonic feedback. Each pickup comes with mounting screws and complete installation instructions.