Komet 60 head HD

Komet 60 head HD


The Komet™ 60 HD combines the best of both characteristics of the Komet 60 and Concorde. The HD model transforms the sweet, musical sounding pre amp circuit of the Komet 60: it’s versatile output stage capable of using a variety of power tube types, with the stout, solid state rectified power supply of the Concorde. These combinations give the player: higher headroom, a tighter and more modern sounding bottom end, and sparkly cleans at lower volumes which seamlessly transform into a massive wall of overdrive when cranked. As with all Komet amplifiers — pedal friendly, and guitar volume control “roll down” friendly. The HD will also operate on the same variety of power tubes types (EL34, 6CA7, KT77, 6L6, 5881, 7581, KT66) as the standard Komet 60.

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Our first amplifier, and our flagship model. Designed by Ken Fischer in 1999, the Komet 60 is the ultimate tonal chameleon. This multifaceted amplifier has the ability to operate on several different tube types; the stock EL34 factory setup immediately dials you into the benchmark English era of rock and roll, but switch to 6L6s and you’re in the 1960’s American rock zone. EL34s, KT77s, 6L6s, 5881s, KT66s or 7581s – your power tube choice ultimately decides where you wish the sound to take you. Complex harmonics, bold and clean focused clarity, with plenty of aggression when pushed.
A high cut control operates within the power section of the amplifier to allow players to darken and shape the overall tone of the amplifier without affecting the equalization of the preamp section. This solves the common problem of the loss of gain and clarity when turning the treble control down in the preamp (a session player’s dream!).

The Touch Response switch allows a choice between a fast, or a gradual response to one’s picking dynamics and guitar’s volume control settings. Players who prefer clean tones can run the full range of dynamics without breaking into unwanted distortion—you choose the response and feel you want, making this amplifier capable of playing every style of music.

Bias your amplifier's power tubes in a snap. All you will need is a digitable volt meter with a mV (milli volt) setting. The Komet 60, HD and Concorde all have convenient bias ports on the back panel, designed for swift bias settings. These bias ports are operated in conjunction with the bias control dial located just above on the chassis. The bias control dial is a precision, 10-turn dial with a scale from 1 to 10. A brake lever locks your setting in place. The bias control system allows the user to easily set the amplifier's bias between different sets of power tubes, and precisely dial in the power tube's bias with a digital volt meter.