Kismet is an incredible new overdrive/distortion pedal that combines 100% analog tone with digital features. It uses progressive diode clipping, a method of sculpting the distortion with two sets of diodes clipping at different levels. That gives Kismet a wide gain range with just the right amount of compression throughout.

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Kismet has a digital microcontroller that works in the background, capable of changing the internal resistances of all its settings. That gives Kismet the ability to save and recall presets and an innovative expression control that can sweep any or all settings, in any amounts, any directions, all at the same time. Kismet also has full MIDI support, making it a perfect match for any MIDI equipped setup.

No more scratching a mark in the paint to remember your favorite settings. Kismet has four memory positions to save presets. It's simple: hold the center toggle to the left to begin, tap left or right to choose which position to save to, then hold the toggle to the left again to save. ​ The left footswitch is used to recall presets. Choose to advance to the next memory position each time it is pressed, or toggle back and forth between any two memory positions. If a knob is turned while set to a preset, that setting is "released." Take complete creative control over Kismet with expression control. Kismet's expression input allows (almost) any volume or expression pedal to control any or all settings, in any amounts, and any directions, all at the same time. It's simple: save whatever settings you'd like for the "heel" (expression pedal rocked back), and save any different combination of settings for the "toe" (rocked forward). Kismet will do the rest, sweeping all of the settings at the same time as the expression pedal is rocked. Use it to create a constant volume gain control, a foot operated tone control, or really bend your tone from clean and bright to aggressive high gain. ​ NOTE: Kismet uses the most common expression polarity. Expression pedals that do not have TIP-to-WIPER polarity can use this adapter to become compatible.