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Hook R20 1*12 combo WGS veteran

Hook R20 1*12 combo WGS veteran

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The R20 is a 6V6 based dual channel amplifier, with a active effects-loop and a vintage sparkling spring reverb. Don’t let the 20 Watts of power mistake you ! This amp has enough power to do all your club gigging and studio sessions.

The clean channel has that classic american bouncy tone. The dirty channel goes from almost clean with an edge to vintage warm defined distortion. You can dial that midrange bite if you like The clean is a perfect base for your overdrive and distortion pedals.

A Celestion G12-65 speaker or a Warehouse ET65 custom made speaker completes the R20, As we offer the main Warehouse speaker line with the R20 and the other models So you can choose the speaker that will bring you that tone. And it works perfectly with the special tuned combo . You probably never heard a bigger sound coming from a 20 watt 1×12 combo before. Both channels have reverb are foot switchable with the added switch The second channel we added a extra master, this option works in combination with the footswitch only, so now you can set up your the lead sound on a higher level whenever you want , and to pump you solo out of the band to be heard.

The HOOK R20 is available as a combo or as a head

and comes standard in the black / Ivory two tone color combination

Custom colors is optional


WGS SPEAKERS : Reaper ,Veteran 30, Custom tuned for Hook R20/40 ET 65 style speaker, Black Hawk, Green beret.

CELESTION SPEAKERS, G12-65, V30, Alnico Gold.


– 20 watts from two 6V6 tubes

– available as Head, or 1×12 combo

– tube rectifier

– four 12AX7 preamp tubes

– one 12AT7 preamp tube

– Two channels, footswitchable

– Footswitchable second master volume on the second channel

– Reverb on each channel, spring large tank

– Effects Loop tube buffered



Treble, Bass, Volume


Gain , Volume, Bass , Mid , Treble ,Master 1, Master 2 , Reverb

The soundpage will soon be updated witch R20 tones!!