Fulldrive 2, V2

Fulldrive 2, V2


Dual Drive

In between, there are now two small switches that give you additional options. The left 3-way switch can be used to select between three modes: Comp Cut (no clipping diode), Flat Mids (self-explanatory) and Vintage (asymmetrical clipping). The right switch also has three positions and can be set to Wide (combining Mosfet and Schottky diodes), Standard (he classic FD2 sound) and Half Clipped (only clips the top frequencies of the waveform for better clarity).
No Pop Bypass

As usual, be the two footswitches can toggle the Drive Mode or bypass the effect as a whole. The bypass switch uses what Fulltone calls the ‘No Pop Bypass’. This pedal can run from power supplies rated between 9 to 18 volts, so will fit onto most pedalboards.

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-Dimensions: 4.45″W x 4.2″D x 2.5″H
-16 gauge cold rolled steel enclosure.
-Based around the desirable JRC4558 chip and 1990’s Full-Drive circuit, with 2 toggle switches for many more sonic options.
-30% smaller than the FD2-MOS, 15% smaller than the FD3 at only 4.45″ wide x 4″ deep.
-2 Footswitches:
-Left ON/OFF footswitch: True-Bypass switching with exclusive Fulltone “No-Pop” circuit.
-Right “Channel select” footswitch: switches between Overdrive 1 or Overdrive 2, each with individually adjustable Volume and Drive knobs.
-100% Built in the USA.
-16 gauge cold rolled steel chassis with easy battery access via 2 thumbscrews.
-9-18VDC operation, extremely green circuit only pulling 10mA of current.

2 toggle switches to access the many clipping options
LEFT 3-position switch:
Comp-Cut- removes clipping diodes, not a clean boost because it can distort the opamp.
Flat Mids- a late 1990’s Fulltone invention that feeds signal back on to the clipping diodes removing the Mid-hump.
Vintage- traditional 90’s Full-Drive slightly asymmetrical clipping.
RIGHT 3-position switch
Wide- combines Mosfets & Schottky Diodes for more clarity, less compression, a more D*mble-like sound.
Standard- traditional 90’s FD2 slightly asymmetrical.
Half-Clipped- another Fulltone exclusive, only clips the top waveform for extreme clarity, feel, and touch like you’ve never experienced!