Fenris, child of Loke was the fierce wolf monster of Norse mythology. FENRIS – the pedal – sprung out of my collaborative endeavours with legendary
bass boy Bent Sæther. He wanted the ultimate Super-Fuzz based fuzz, and through many iterations, two pedals emerged, this one being the most beastly and aggressive fuzz I’ve ever created. FENRIS substitutes the original Super-Fuzz preamp for the one found at the instrument input of the good old Space Echo tape machine. Beyond this, every section of the original circuit has been disassembled and assessed and not all of them made it back into FENRIS.

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It does however retain what I found to be the most essential circuit blocks of the original circuit, but the clipping stage is gone, the tone stack is completely reworked and the output stage has been replaced with the same output stage as found in EMBLA and ODIN, a circuit block I can usually rely on to make anything sound like Fjord Fuzz.
It’s extremely flexible and will give you a huge range of tones, from quiet amp like drive with octave up, to impossible bass-heavy leads.
Its six knobs all interact and can be confusing at first, so take your time learning them and you’ll never run out of new gain tones.

Only feed it 9VDC centre tip negative and expect it to draw about 150mA of current worst case scenari