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Feiten 2*12 vintage cab , cream , unloadedd

Feiten 2*12 vintage cab , cream , unloadedd

The Vintage cabinet is perhaps Buzz’s finest and most well-known design. It features a diagonal staggered mounting of two 12″ drivers, with a unique mounting arrangement that places one driver in front of the baffle and one behind the baffle. This provides a much larger perceived sound from an otherwise extremely small cabinet, a very manageable weight, and a full sound that is dynamic, clean, quick, and punchy like a 412. It’s an excellent highly portable cabinet for blues, jazz, and records particularly well. The cabinets are shipped for horizontal use, but may be used in either direction or ordered for vertical use.


Fuchs® Audio Technology and Buzz Feiten are proud to announce the introduction of two new speaker cabinet designs based on Buzz Feiten’s pioneering work in lightweight and innovative speaker cabinet design. Buzz Feiten is a respected professional studio and touring guitarist as well as an inventor who pioneered the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, a method of intonating guitars that’s used today by over 100 companies and has earned the respect of professional luthiers and guitarists around the world. The first chord you’ll play through a Feiten cabinet will make you realize how special these designs are. We are honored Buzz has approved our cabinets and chosen to sign a worldwide license for these designs exclusively to Fuchs® Audio Technology. The combination of these cabs and our amps is simply stellar.

In the past, Buzz built these cabinets by hand, one by one. We’ve taken original samples of Buzz’ cabinets and painstakingly copied each measurement and construction nuance. The materials, the interior bracing, the choices of speaker and the way they are mounted, are all key elements to this design. Through the benefit of modern materials and accurate NC Controlled (computer) woodworking equipment, we have accurately duplicated and enhanced these cabinets. Buzz’s original cabinets were used by such performers as Dean Parks, Tim Pierce, Chris Leuzinger, Chris Rodriguez and others.

Nils Lofgren is currently touring with four Fuchs®/Feiten Classic cabinets and four Fuchs® ODS®-50 Heads on the E Street Band 2012 tour.

We have compared them to the originals and we feel they equal or exceed Buzz’ high sonic performance standards. The objective of Feiten’s design was a cabinet that was light and resonant, and sounded much larger than other similarly sized cabinets.

We are currently producing two designs speaker cabinets that for the first time give you the sound of a big 4X12 cabinet in a small, ultra light 2X12 package. These cabinets feature ultra light-ply construction, with careful attention paid to controlling and effectively using controlled cabinet resonance, as well as careful bracing and interior surface treatment. The cabinets feature premium hardware, heavy gauge wiring, and solid all-American craftsmanship. There are currently two 212 designs, carefully executed and based on Buzz’s original designs, and more coming in the future.