FBT-1 final booster.

FBT-1 final booster.


A full range booster featuring our innovative VITALIZER® circuit.

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A full range booster featuring our innovative VITALIZER® circuit.
The PROVIDENCE FINAL BOOSTER FBT-1 is a full-range booster that includes our innovative VITALIZER® circuit for a unique boost sound that allows the natural characteristics of the instrument to come through. The VITALIZER® circuit remains active when the effect is turned OFF to ensure that a rich, vibrant signal is delivered to subsequent devices.

The VITALIZER® circuit was developed to counteract the signal degradation that normally occurs in guitar and bass processing systems. The characteristics of the VITALIZER® circuit continuously adapt to the instrument s output, ensuring that the instrument s natural characteristics are transmitted without degradation or compromise.

Multi-function LED
In addition to indicating the pedal’s on/off status, the FBT-1 LED provides effective visual battery power monitoring. When the battery voltage drops below 7 volts the LED will become dimmer and begin to go out. The effect will still operate at this voltage, but to ensure optimum performance the battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

  • ●Control: BOOST
  • ●Connectors: 1/4-inch phone jack x 2 (INPUT and OUTPUT), DC 9V input jack (AC adaptor jack)
  • ●Power Supply: 9V battery or AC adaptor
  • ●Power Consumption: DC 9V, 14 mA approx. (effect ON)
  • ●Dimensions: 115(D)x72(H)x50(H)mm
  • ●Weight: 250 g approx. (Not including battery)