Esquire tele bridge

Esquire tele bridge

Our Epic Series 1952 Esquire uses Original Alloy Magnets. Original magnets were sent to an Independent Laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Analysis Testing. We then contracted direct with our magnet manufacturer to get the magnets Specially Poured to the exact composition of the Originals. The bridge pickup consists of a unique blend Alnico 3. We are the only manufacturer who offers this. Pure, Sweet, and Authentic Tone.

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Our 42ga Plain Enamel wire is not just stock wire. We have sent several samples of wire from early telecasters for analysis. We get our 42ga Plain Enamel built to the exact specs of the samples we have had analyzed. Exact Resistance, Exact ID & OD, & Color matching. As we have stated above, this is not just a stock spool of wire.

– Tone, the tone of our Authentic 1952 Esquire pickup is simply stunning. Those of us who have heard and played a REAL Esquires, & Blackguard Era Tele’s appreciate the nature of the tone it produces. Ours have been A/B against them. The tone that our Authentic Reproductions produce is stunningly close, so close, if you close your eyes you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. You will never hear a more pure sounding Esquire pickup reproduction. The tone is simply classic blackguard tele, nice fat low end, thick and chunky mids, and a smooth treble top end.

– Compression, current production Alnico 3 is very bright & brittle, it has a rather harsh upper mid range compression. The Original 1952 Alloy Alnico 3 is by far more mellow & warm sounding and has a lower mid range compression. It really has a nice bark to it but it doesn’t lose any of the overall clarity.

– More fun stuff. We have our telecaster baseplates specially manufactured. We start with cold rolled steel, then it gets stamped, mounting holes are tapped, then to plating. Our baseplates are vintage correct, 0.06″ thick, not the thin stuff available through retailers. Copper plated. We have seen examples of Early 1952 Esquires and Telecasters that are still using the previous cold rolled steel with Zinc plating, but that is only Early 1952, a large majority of the 1952’s had copper plated steel baseplates. All prior Tele’s and Esquires all used Zinc Plated Steel Plates.

– Esquire is another one of the popular Blackguard Era guitars. Everyone associates an Esquire with a single pickup but there are versions which had 2 pickups. Esquires, for the most part, are very easy to distinguish as the vast majority of them had no neck pickup making it very quick and easy to identify. So many famous Artists play them. It’s simply because of the tone they produce and what we all have become accustomed to when referring to what a “Classic Tele” should sound like.

Should anyone want us to manufacture a neck pickup for a double pickup Esquire, please contact us, as we’d love to build one for you.

We can also manufacture an Esquire for other years so if you want an esquire for a specific year from 1950-1969 please contact us, we’d love to build one for you.

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