Equilibrium DLX

Equilibrium DLX


The Equilibrium DLX is our updated vintage modulation pedal – evoking the buttery, sputtery, wobbly sounds of yesteryear, While the Equilibrium DLX sounds completely vintage, it crams all the “mod cons” into a pedalboard-friendly package.

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Rate (Level) — Adjusts the rate of modulation from a slow pulse to a rapid flutter. Turning this knob cancels the Tap Tempo setting. Holding down the Bypass / Level footswitch lets you adjust the overall output level of the effect. The Level setting is stored in the memory of the pedal for future use.

Depth — Controls the amount of modulation from barely perceptible to seasick.

Shape — Selects one of four waveforms to control the modulation effect: Sine, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, or Square.

Mix — Blends between the dry and the modulated signals.

*Hint: For traditional style tremolo, set the Mix knob fully clockwise.

Tap Tempo / Division – tap twice to set the modulation rate. The LED above the Tap switch flashes to indicate the current rate and division. Hold to toggle between normal-speed (green) and double-speed (red) settings.

Remote Tap Tempo Jack – connect a normally-open momentary footswitch to this jack to set the modulation time remotely. Hold down the remote footswitch to change tap divisions.

Mode Toggle: Tremolo — Traditional tremolo based on the bias circuits from the earliest tube amps. Use the Shape control to morph from a very soft and smooth tremolo to a much harder burp-burp modulation. Harmonic — Based on the vibrato circuits from the early ‘60s piggyback amplifiers. Blend in the dry signal for a queasy, seasick effect. Vibrato — True '50s style frequency vibrato, just like Buddy Holly. Try it with a fast speed and 100% wet mix for the widest vibrato effect. Mixing in some dry signal makes the vibrato sound more like a phaser or photocell vibe unit. Bypass Switching: The Equilibrium DLX features buffered bypass switching with a soft-touch footswitch.