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Emerald Green Overdrive (Germanium)

Emerald Green Overdrive (Germanium)


The lower gain version of BearFoot's original
Emerald Green Distortion Machine…by popular demand.
New look, same germanium insides!

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Don, this EGOD is perfect. Precisely what I was wishin’ I could get the EGDM to do. I never want its fuzz, but I want its tone. That’s what the EGOD does. It maxes out right at the absolute highest I ever set the EGDM. It goes WAY lower on the gain, which was my dream, and it keeps the exact tone, which was part 2 of my dream. Perfectly executed my good man!”
~ Brian Henneman (Bottle Rockets, Marshall Crenshaw, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco)

The Emerald Green OD takes the EGDM and backs down the gain stages, changes the saturation and compression points, and makes the appropriate EQ changes for the EG to be used more in the overdrive range for the clean-to-medium dirt Vox-type sounds. In fact, the Volume and Drive controls have the same range as the Honey Bee and Model G. And past noon on the Drive control is really more about adding compression and sustain.