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Dirty wonderland 22/10 W head black suede

Dirty wonderland 22/10 W head black suede


The Dirty Wonderland was inspired from a rare, limited edition amplifier built in 2008. We had the pleasure of spending 4 weeks with that amp, reverse engineered the circuit, and created our own version called the Wonderland. We decided to push the limits of that amp a bit with some additional features, two “Dirty” switches: Dirty preamp and Dirty power amp. These switches give the amp some fantastic attitude, and add just a little bit of hair on the notes when engaged. When the dirty switches aren’t in use, the amp is the stock Wonderland circuit.



The tones are big and sparkly similar to a Blackface Super Reverb with more midrange. The single channel design stays mostly clean, but will break up a little at higher levels of gain/volume. Three EQ boosts (bright, mid, and deep) allow you to quickly select frequency boosts. When pushed, you can get a sweet blues crunch with higher output pickups, and even some controlled feedback while remaining “clean”.

The Dirty Wonderland has an open, spacious, airy sound that is uncompressed, while staying tight and bold. It’s incredibly lush three-tube reverb was carefully tuned for a huge effect that is never overpowering. The reverb is dialed in with two controls on the front panel, ‘send’ and ‘return’ – which act as reverb depth and level adjustments. The Dirty Wonderland also makes a great pedal platform. Overall the voicing is dark and mellow, and while originally voiced for a strat, works quite well with all styles of guitar.

The new powdercoated chassis was highly engineered and includes almost all of the mounting hardware cold forged right into the box, leaving almost no parts that can come loose over time. The amp is build with high end Orange Drop coupling capacitors, F&T Electrolytic filters, custom taper pots, and a mix of current new production resistors chosen for an ultra quiet but very connected, earthy playing experience.