Clean Sink

Clean Sink

In the studio and on stage, combining and layering multiple amp voices has often been one of the “tricks” the pros have used to achieve their signature sounds. Based on the clean channel of our flagship Kitchen Sink amplifier



he CLEAN SINK gives you the ability to do just that! The CLEAN SINK features three blendable voices (American, AC or AC Top Boost) that are managed by our unique Voice Pan control. Pan hard left and you have American tones, hard right and you have AC tones, anywhere in between and you’re creating your own signature blend of multiple-voiced tonal goodness. With our Treble Damping feature, you can perfect your high frequencies for optimum clarity and warmth when using in-ear monitors. Our all-tube spring reverb and Hybrid-Master round out the features of this superb 112 combo.2050

Three Blendable Voices (American, AC or AC Top Boost) • Grab-n-Go (about the size and weight of a *Princeton) • Hand-built PTP on Turret Boards in Nashville, TN • Custom American-made Transformers • American-made 12′′ WGS Green Beret Speaker • Patented Hybrid-MASTER volume control • Treble Damping Circuit for the perfect IEM mix • Studio-quality Tube Driven Spring Reverb • 2 x JJ 6V6S power tubes, up to 28W